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Coding Classes

Embark on a digital journey with our interactive coding classes. Learn to craft websites, games, and apps while honing your problem-solving skills.


Connect with industry experts and thought leaders in our enlightening seminars. Stay updated on the latest tech trends and innovations.


Dive into practical learning through hands-on workshops. Master coding languages and create real-world projects that bring concepts to life.

Certificate Program

Obtain industry-recognized coding certificates. Showcase your expertise and unlock doors to abundant opportunities.Be unstoppable!

Science Exhibition

Ignite your scientific curiosity through engaging exhibitions. Explore cutting-edge technologies and unravel the marvels of science.

Summer Camp

Make your summer unforgettable with our dynamic coding summer camp. Learn, create, and have fun while building lasting friendships.

About Us

This is the place, where young minds become digital superheroes! Welcome to Anantā, where kids like you become the true masters of the web universe! Whether you dream of designing a virtual playground, crafting a magical online storybook, or building a futuristic space adventure, we've got the secret recipe to turn your ideas into stunning websites that will wow the world!🚀


At Anantā, we nurture young minds, turning them into digital superheroes. Join us on this journey from A to Infinity, and together, we'll shape the future.

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